CoStarting Week 4 – A Great Start to a Project I’m Still Excited About + Lessons Learned Along the Way

This post wraps up 4 weeks of participating in the second ever CoStarting cohort. I got quite a bit done on Underdog Sites during the course of the last month and while it’s not as much as I really wanted to do — because my time blindness makes it near impossible to truly know how much I can take on over extended periods of time — I’m actually impressed with how much I’ve accomplished.

Let’s start with a quick weekly recap:

This Week’s Goal

This week’s biggest goal was to figure out how to get the “my account” information pulled into the dashboard layouts I’ve been creating. And woohoo! I managed to figure that one out:

Ain’t if pretty?

I also wanted to flesh out the subscribe page currently on the site and turn it into a full fledged pre-sale page, but since I’ve pivoted a little on how I want to move forward with continuing the development of Underdog Sites, I’m pretty happy with how the page is right now. Though I keep going in and adding new images of the dashboard to the page when it makes sense 🙂

This Week’s Challenge

This week’s challenge was really the same as last week’s in that I’m totally burnt out. All the social interaction required on a day-to-day basis (for all areas of my life) plus managing several personal and business projects had me spread too thin to really feel productive in any area. And since I, as usual, put more on my plate than I could realistically handle I had to force myself to get extra work done for Underdog Sites. Which made it not fun to work on anymore.

But I’m still really excited and passionate about the purpose of the project and I still want to get it out there so I’m taking the lessons learned from this past month to reassess how I get work done so I can still spend time focusing on the platform. Maybe not as intensely as I have for the last 4 weeks so progress will be a little slower, but I think that will be better in the long run for myself and for the future of the platform.

Future Plans for Underdog Sites

I’ll be pausing development on Underdog Sites until I take care of a couple large personal projects that have been hanging over my head. I’ll be moving at the beginning of next month, still have to file my taxes, and I have a few other medium-to-large items on my to-do list that have cropped up since I first started working on Underdog Sites that I haven’t been able to find time for.

The plan is to pause on development until around mid-April so I have time to wrap up those larger projects/tasks and get settled into my new place, and at that time I’ll sit down and come up with a plan for continuing development that also factors in making time for regular life and the other business related projects I’ve been putting off.

Figuring out how to balance everything is something I’m either incredible with or absolutely horrible, and there’s no in-between. Put me in an emergency situation where crap is flying around all over and I’ll get the job done. But when the environment is juggling several long-term, not-very-clear, large tasks or projects I’ll flounder and I don’t want to flounder when it comes to all the cool stuff I want to accomplish online. Underdog Sites included.

So a big portion of my future plans in general is to learn to work with my lack of executive functioning skills and my easily overwhelmed social-ness, and I’ll be documenting more of that as well.

Stat tuned because I’m pretty convinced this means a LOT of ClickUp (referral link) tutorial and walkthrough videos coming up, haha.

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