CoStarting Week 3 – The Burnout is Real

Three weeks down, one to go…. I think. Maybe it’s two weeks left if we’re counting blog posts and whatnot.

This Week’s Goals

This week my goals for Underdog Sites was to create a few of the user dashboard pages so there were some visuals to share.

And yay! Mission accomplished:

Where users will access their site pages
Where users will be able to access and create blog posts
Page where users can upload new images and PDFs

Pretty awesome, eh?

I also created a demo user account so I can log in and show the other members of the cohort during our weekly meeting Monday morning. It doesn’t quite do everything I wanted and there’s definitely some small inconsistencies between page layouts but I’m happy with having something physical to mark the progress being made 🙂

This Week’s Challenge

This week I really struggled with finding time to work on the site while also juggling everything else on my plate. It was a busy week and I was definitely feeling burnt out by the end of it, which made making time for Underdog Sites even more challenging than normal.

But I still managed to make progress and also wrapped up a few client projects and built a new mini-course on ActiveCampaign (details on that coming out in a couple days!).

Next Week’s Goals

This last week I didn’t end up getting a “My Account” page set up like I originally planned and instead set up a couple other pages within the user dashboard.

This week I want to figure out how to pull the account information from the back end of the site to where the user dashboard will display it and get that wrapped up.

In order to stay on track with the original CoStarting timeline, I’ll also be focusing on fleshing out the “subscribe for updates” page I have up currently and turning it into a full-fledged pre-sale page.

For now I’ll be keeping the platform as an invite-only type beta with a lot of hands on help setting up the users’ sites while I work out any additional kinks in the dashboard and build out some template sites for new signups to use.

I really look forward to working with the initial round of beta users to help build out the platform so it becomes a simple way for them to get their sites — and their businesses — off the ground.

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