🎉 Well hello there! I'm Kyle Schmitt

Freelance Creative Techologist with a passion for automations.

I love helping online business owners optimize their sales funnels, processes, and client experience through tech and automation. I have a wide range of experience with different platforms and integrations. Finding tech solutions for unique businesses is my jam!

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From WordPress websites to email marketing and all the automations in between.

Today much of what I do is centered around automations, processes, and integrations. But my background started with building WordPress websites. It led me to launch WP Underdog to help clients host, secure, and maintain their WordPress sites. My experience as a reliable (and relatable!) partner in the WordPress website space eventually branched out to consulting in other areas of tech for online businesses and has given me the unique ability to consider all the moving pieces occurring behind the scenes when making recommendations.

Managed Website Hosting and Care

Dealing with multiple client websites and different server environments led me to launching the WP Underdog's fully managed hosting platform. We utilize custom servers catered just for WordPress and take care of all the updates and security monitoring so our clients can focus on their business.

Automations and Integrations

Automations are some of my favorite projects to work in currently. My favorite platforms being ActiveCampaign, Pabbly Connect, and Zapier. Making different platforms talk with each other through different processes is a fun challenge!


I absolutely LOVE ActiveCampaign for email marketing, automation, and CRM capabilities. You'll sometimes find me playing around in sandbox environments just to see how new ideas would work.

WordPress is my website platform of choice because of how perfect it is for any stage of business. If built right it will be able to grow and flex with you as your business evolves over the years. Something most other platforms can't do.

I primarily work on existing sites but love partnering with designers to build new ones as well.

I believe everyone can benefit from some automations in their business. From simple ones that get your email subscribers onto your list to more complex processes like sales funnels. Automations are what make your business run well behind the scenes and I love seeing what's possible!

What can I say? I'm a giant spreadsheet nerd. If what you're looking for can be done in Google Sheets I love digging into the details on how to get it done.

Show me your numbers! I'm not a certified accountant or anything like that, but I'm a giant nerd and love figuring out where to save, invest, and refocus business numbers for a bigger impact.

Get in touch with me for your next project or challenge in your business.

Kyle Schmitt

Creative Technologist